Thursday, July 9, 2009

Faith's lodge

I made a slideshow of our trip to Faith's Lodge last fall. The retreat for families who have lost a child. I think the song with it, Word of God Speak by Mercy Me absolutely fits these pictures since we could feel such an amazing calming presence in that place that I will never be able to describe.

Tired princess

4th of July weekend is huge in this town.. Huge. Our population swells as the terrorist.... Er..... Tourists park themselves in this tiny 6 lakes town and do what those in Wisconsin do best. Drink enough beer to drown.

Hailey had 8 events to attend as jr miss vassador and by the time I caught up with her saturda she was already exhausted. After a brief tantrum... Teen girl style she was able to regroup and continue, sunburned and tired. I felt the need for a tantrum of my own and I didn't have to run around half as much as she did.

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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Undefeated season!!

Chris had his last game of the season last night and they finished with another win making for an undefeated season!!! Now on to tournaments! They even finished the game with a homerun!

Pics aren't great of course I forgot my camera and had to get what I could with my phone.

Monkey pile!!!

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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Miss Chetek Pageant 2009

Was Great. At first I got freaked out when they announced the girls and Hailey didn't get announced! I sat there freaking out, thinking Oh my god she's back there bawling from stage fright or something, my poor girl! I hoped and prayed she didn't decide to quit after all the hard work she put in but my fears were releived when she came out for the next segment. She got Miss Jr Chetek Ambassador. Her score did get knocked down for not coming out in the first segment and I later learned she froze and just couldn't do it, since they had to speak in the first segment. Shaylin didn't win but got a pretty crown anyway. Shaylin was quite a bit more upset this year over not winning. It broke my heart into a million peices but she quickly got over it and enjoyed her night as a princess.

You can see them both in the Liberty Fest Parade on Saturday at noon!