Friday, April 30, 2010

Baseball season begins again!

I love late spring.  One of our favorite things to do this time of year is park our butts on cold hard bleachers twice a week and watch Christian's little league games.  We bring snacks, we buy snacks, we take our turn selling snacks in the concession booth but mostly we get loud and rowdy cheering for our boys.  This will be Christian's 3rd year playing and Jacksen is looking forward to being able to join in a couple years.

Go Bulldogs!


Just Jiff said...

Thanks for coming by my blog. :)

When my daughter is old enough for sports, I'm sure I'll have a great time too. My Dad certainly spent a great deal of his time at my various activities. :)

Damaris said...

my son's dream is to play basebal but as a Brazilian I don't think I've ever even seen a game.