Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It never ends

I realize I have let you down again my blog readers, with my too long absence. Not that what I say is so important you'd be bummed out by not hearing my rambling for a week but, sorry nonetheless.

Once again I need to ask for your prayers. Once again we are dealing with a medical issue with one of the kids and once again we find ourselves with more questions than answers.

About 2 weeks ago Nathan started drinking an obscene amount of fluids. And by obscene I mean so much that we had to completely forget about cloth diapers, go to disposables, and then go up a size (which are too big) just to try to contain his colorlessly dilluted urine for an hour before he leaks through those too. How much water is an obscene amount of water you ask? Well "normal" daily fluid intake for his weight is about 39 ounces of water/fluids a day. He drinks that much with breakfast. He drinks 100-150oz per day, every day. Over 3x more than "normal"!

So yesterday we made an appt with the local bandaid station to have him looked at. They ran labs and thankfully ruled out type 1 and type 2 diabetes. His Creatinine and BUN levels were low (kidney stuff) but not too worrisome. Nothing looked bad. But........ then what?

The NP said quite frankly that she wouldn't even know where to begin and to get in with our Ped asap. Called the Ped's office and she didn't have any openings but we could see a visiting Ped from another clinic who helps out on Wednesdays at 10am.

So this morning after Nate did his routine drink enough to drown we piled in the car and headed to the clinic. After going over the situation and asking us all kinds of questions about his eyes (his eyes?) she goes and gets our Ped anyway who comes in and says they want to run some tests and these tests are normally done in the hospital but since he's two and controllable would we mind dehydrating our child ourselves, at home. Well, sure!

So Nate can't have anything to drink after 10pm tonight until his labs are drawn at 8am (gonna be a helluva morning for Craig, since I have to work!) and once those results are back we find out when he gets an MRI to look at his hypothalamus in his brain.

They think he has something called Diabetes Insipidus, or "water" diabetes.

I guess I don't really know what to hope for at this point. Something we can point a finger at or nothing and then we're left with a child that drinks enough to drown for no known reason.


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