Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm baaack

So I needed a bloggy break I think.  I moved servers first and then wasn't happy and kind of just quit for a while.  Which is ok because maybe I can find my inspiration again in my writing, it was lacking for a while.

So many things have changed in the past couple of months.  I'm still plugging away at school, now in clinicals which I will finish in April and then start my externship with graduation in August.  I can't wait to be done!  I'm getting a little burned out!

I also made a change at work.  I am still teaching prenatal/breastfeeding classes and have now changed my registration schedule to overnights.  It has been way more of an adjustment than I was anticipating and has been quite a difficult transition for all of us.  Always the insomniac I thought it would be easy.  There I go thinking again.

Another big thing, well decision anyway.  We are moving to Texas after I graduate this summer! I know, crazy right?  TEXAS?  What are we thinking? If you never questioned my sanity before you might now.  Why Texas? No clue.  We need to get away from the town we live in and all of the small town drama that goes with it.  The school is ok at the elementary level and the High school level is alright but at the Middle school level it completely drops the ball, I'm not willing to put the rest of the kids through what Austin and Hailey have had to deal with there.  The issues with drugs and small town kids with nothing better to do than cause trouble for others has gotten to a breaking point for us and it's time to go.  

But why Texas?

Well, we hate the cold so why not?  If we are going to move and find new jobs, a new home, new schools why not just go? Start new somewhere?  

Can we say scared shitless?  

But crazy excited too.  It will be worth it.  

So, welcoming myself back to the blogosphere.  I've missed you my faithful followers (all 13 of you).  Over the next few days I'll update you on the craziness of the last few months in the life of this mom of many.  And I promise I'll never leave you again.

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