Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's day

Mother's day was wonderful.  I am so blessed by the beautiful people I was somehow granted permission to bring into this world and parent.

They let me sleep in today and I took full advantage (partly because I knew I had to work tonight!). Got up and Craig had made french toast for lunch, yum.  We decided to go into town shopping and finally bought the beta fish I've been wanting to put in a neat glass container I got at the auction a couple weekends ago.  Hailey picked him out and the little kids decided to name him Rocky.

We went out for tacos and Nate kept saying "where's broccoli" over and over again.  I couldn't figure out why the heck he would think of broccoli at a taco place until one of the kids said "He's talking about the fish!" Broccoli (which Nate pronounces Bocky" and Rocky do sound a lot alike!  So now we are calling the fish broccoli.

Bought the seeds to plant my first garden.  I'm nervous.  I have killed every single houseplant that has been given to me.  I even killed a cactus once.  A couple of years ago I actually succeeded in keeping 2 (of the 4 I bought) hostas alive outside so I figured well, maybe a veggie garden is do-able.  If anything actually grows i'll probably fall over.  I wanted to put the garden in this weekend but with the snowfall (!!) on Friday I figured it may be a titch too cold yet.

Wish me, my poor garden, and poor little broccoli fish (never been great at keeping them alive either) luck!


The Henrys said...

I'm so glad that you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

I read the post about your son's kidney problems. I know how frustrating it can be to wait for answers from the doctors. It takes forever and I am not good at waiting when it comes to answers about my children!

I suggest you give him a call and just ask if he has heard anything yet. I will do that if I wait more than a month, just to see what is going on. It reminds them that I am waiting for some info, and they usually follow up more quickly after that.

Good luck!

The Henrys said...

I just went back and read the post about the initial doctor appointment. It sounds like he is a wonderful doctor and would welcome a phone call from you.

Good luck and keep us posted on what you find out!!