Friday, July 23, 2010

Tell me what I ever saw in that guy?

So if you've been reading for a while you might remember me mentioning that my son is not my husband's biological father.  Austin saw his father regularly until age 14 when one weekend he wanted to spend time with his friends instead of going to his dads, his dad threw a baby fit and has not initiated contact since.  I have made contact a few times trying to help things but the ex just wants me to fix it for him, and well I can't do that.  It's so bad that when Austin's great grandmother passed away last year we were not notified, I found out on the internet on a google search 6 months later.  There hasn't been so much as a phone call on his birthday since.

Anyway, so now almost 3 years later (next month) Austin texted his dad a couple weeks ago from my phone asking for his hunting gear that he had received as a Christmas gift the year before all of this broke loose, no response.  So today Austin texted him again, again asking for his hunting gear for this hunting season.  His father's response?

No, because I don't trust you and I don't trust your mother and you need God in your lives to give you peace.

No, I need some supernatural power to keep me from strangling him is more like it.  What an idiot.


Homeward Bound said...

hello there! I was taking some time to browse blogs and I spotted yours and decided to stop by. Wow! there's a lot going on here, as I've learned just from doing a little 'skimming' through.
I am really sorry to hear about the loss of your precious Alex, but I also hear that you've learned so much in those 6 weeks.
Perhaps one day I'll see you visit over at my blog sometime.
Blessings to you.

Anonymous said...

see i have this theory.

it should be legal to shoot your idiot ex!!!!!!

my ex was a butt pain and moved interstate..then applied to get his child support reduced on the basis he has to travel to see the kids!

um duh you moved there!!! he found out about stephanies brain tumor via corrospondence.. and didnt ring when he read about it, when he rang days later and she wouldnt talk to him he decided i had poisioned her mind against. she wzs 14 at the time (now 15) she made up her own mind.

i think at least you can say you were young and stupid.. i was 20ish so i can only say i was stupid.

being with Grant has made the rest worthwhile. i guess we got the real toads first.