Friday, August 20, 2010


Just took a Klonopin, figured while I wait for it to kick in i'd blog a little and clear my head.  That sounds great, but really I have nothing to say.  Just a million things floating around my brain irritating me.

I have a client that is being very demanding even though she got more than she paid for to start with, Craig is going through some crazy med reaction that is really difficult on both of us....The prozac still makes me sleep way more than any normal person should which means I don't get as much done in my waking hours as I plan to.  Just a bit frustrated.

Thankfully I have found an unlikely friend this summer who has been just what I needed.  She calms me when I'm riled up instead of fueling the fire which I really need.  We have a blast doing nothing at all, and she's become a great addition to my life.

I'm taking baby steps.  Some days they feel like gigantic steps and other days they feel like tiny shuffles and some days I hit bumps and backslide a little, but I think all in all I'm doing much better.  The anger isn't there all the time like it was, the panic isn't a constant presence either.  I like it.

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