Monday, December 27, 2010

May all your holidays be...... hey, stop calling your sister a dummy!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!  Our first Christmas in Texas was nice and quiet, we were able to "be" with our families back home via skype.  What a wonderful invention!  My first attempt at cooking a holiday meal was good, minus the burnt dinner rolls.  Oooops!

The kids.... er... their MOM is so ready to go back to school! Even though that means I have to go back to work too.  They are in full on fight like ya hate each other mode and it doesn't help that it's been really cold so they just want to stay in the house and commence the fighting.  Oh well, no complaints.  At least they are healthy enough to fight, eh?  Look for the bright side Kat, look for the bright side!

Since I'm only working part-time at the daycare I registered to be a "listed" daycare provider here in Texas.  Here you can't do any childcare out of your home without being either listed, registered, or licensed.  Each with their own requirements, so I made sure I got that done.  

Working full steam ahead on the Photography expansion.  So far we have quite a few probable photographers!  I'm pretty excited about the opportunity grow this and expand our random acts of kindness (you might remember we put most of our income from this into that in Alex's memory).

In January we are focusing on providing warmth for the homeless here in the Austin area.  It's kind of a shock the first time you drive around Austin, in comparison with Northern wisconsin, there are so many homeless.  Stop at any light near an overpass and you will see them with their signs.  It's been very cold here and so we are going to try to provide as many as we can with warm socks, blankets, coats, hats, and mittens.  In the summer since it gets so hot we will be striving to distribute bottles of water.  

The Austin area has some great resources for the homeless, which is wonderful.  But anything we can do helps!  

Anyway.  World war 3 has broken out in the living room again (by now i'm sure it should be world war 187992342) so I'm going to figure out something that will entertain them for a while!

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