Sunday, December 19, 2010

Oh the changes- Hello from Texas!!

I know it's been so long since I've blogged!  We have had many big changes going on in our lives that I am very excited to tell you about!

Remember when we were talking about moving to Texas?  We finally did it!  3 little ole weeks ago.  Craig and I came down here the middle of November and decided hey, let's just do it! 13 days later we were in a moving truck traveling down the interstate on our way to our new life.  

I have to say we couldn't have made a better decisions.  I have since been able to go completely off my anti-depressants and am weaning off my anti-anxiety medications.  My photography business has taken on a new life here, including branching out to teach our craft to aspiring photographers around the United states!  We are very excited about that.  

I also took a part time job at a crunchy, earthy, farm preschool in the infant room.  The people I work with are people that I could have never found in NW Wisconsin they walk similar paths to mine and follow the same basic principals when it comes to children and earth and life.  Nate gets to go to farm school free while I work starting the first of the year, he's SO excited about that!  

All in all I have finally found the home I've been searching for, for so long.  I feel so content in Central Texas, a serenity I never had in Wisconsin and I look forward to making a great life here.  

Sadly Austin decided to stay in Wisconsin and live with my mother.  We miss him terribly but at 17 years old respect his wishes.  He promises to visit over the summer!


The Henrys said...

Wow, what a change! I'm glad things are going so well and hope you continue to make Texas your new home!

Just a smalltown girl said...

yes it's a crazy change in every sense! The weather is opposite, the culture is amazing. Thank you for the well wishes!