Sunday, September 7, 2008

Finding our new routine

If you know Craig and I, You probably know that we thrive on routine. We get uncomfortable when our routines aren't followed. I think it's because there are so many people to schedule, if something gets off track it can derail the entire thing. We are so insanely routined that most of our friends think we are crazy. Bedtime is the same every night, as well as dinner.... even bathing is scheduled. I mean it's not like written in a daily agenda or anything but we've just found that keeping things to a normal helps everyone.

So this past week has been really trying for everyone. Especially Jacksen. Jacksen, having SID, MUST be kept on a routine. When he was a toddler we had to even have a picture calendar up demonstrating what would go on that day and on days that something new was happening we had to begin preparing him for it at least a day in advance or he would fall apart. This week has been such a struggle for him and he has been having a lot of temper tantrums and meltdowns and the resurfacing of some SID behaviors we haven't seen in years.

We are having a new issue with Austin involving a girl. Oy. I won't go into much detail lest a certain person in his life (who has actually been estranged for over a month now) be reading this and jump to conclusions and use a typical teenage ordeal against Austin. But it's been stressfull.

And then there's me. I'm very use to just being the person who runs this household. I have my systems, I have my ways. I have my bulletin boards and calendars and they help me keep the running of my home going. I am so involved in it that I rarely let anyone help me. I don't even let my husband wash clothes. But this week I've been forced to hand over half of the running of the house to him. I just can't work 40 hours a week learning very complicated work and then come home and do everything. It's been hard for me to admit this, very hard. But Craig has done well. Sure, there are some things out of place, there are some minor mix ups but things are getting done. Although I'm feeling very uncomfortable that I haven't handled everything I'm realizing that Craig is just as capable as I am and that by giving him the chance to prove it, I'm helping us all.

For the record, I won't stop pairing the kids' outfits up on the hangers.... he can't match an outfit to save his life.

I love my job but I'll be happy when my training is done and I go to my normal part time hours for a while. But I think it's gonna be ok with me working more regularly. Ok for all of us.


Rosie : ) said...

routines are a complete must when you ahve many kids! :) Out younger ones go to bed, then the middle ones, then the oldest ones ~ all at a set bedtime.

Routines in general have such a great purpose for our family. I compeltely understand how you said :"it's not written in an agenda..." because I think it is imprinted on our Mom brain instead!

It is wonderful to see and hear about your beautiful family.

PBandJ said...

You'll get there! It takes time to settle in, but maybe it is good to shake things up a bit! Remember to have fun!

Haley (Mum to Five) said...

Hi Kat,

Your dh is doing a great job. It takes a special kind of man to have a large family.

I love your family portrait a few posts previous, you have a beautiful family,

I am so happy for you about your new job, that is terrific!