Thursday, September 25, 2008

To the people in my life

A friend of mine did this on her myspace page and I decided that letting off some thoughts would be good for me. There are so many things in life you either don't get the chance to say to someone, or you hold back in saying for whatever reason. Anyone who says they say everything they feel to every person they know isn't telling the truth because if we said everything we felt to everyone, we'd likely not have many people in our lives. There are times we feel things that might be hurtful and angry and times we feel things that might be sappy and embarassing. So here are some of mine. There may be more than one thing about more than one person but please don't ask me what is about whom, that would defeat the purpose, doncha think?

~It's not as cute as you think it is, in fact it's quite annoying

~ You are an awesome parent, even if you do things a little differently than I do

~ I hate how you use people

~ I know you talk about me the second my back is turned, just like you do everyone else

~ I wish you could admit that you aren't ok with how things turned out, instead of always pretending you are. Although you try to act strong you could allow so many more people in to help if you'd just admit that it's not ok you were handed a bad hand

~ I am proud of how much you have accomplished at a young age but a bit jealous as well

~ It makes me crazy when you invent bad scenarios that don't have any reality to them, it makes me feel like you are making fun of my experience

~ Sometimes it scares me to see you turning into her

~ You have saved me these past couple of years and you don't even know it. You have given me purpose when I didn't think I had any, and made me feel like I'm valuable when I've been quite sure I'm not

~ I feel very fortunate to have you in my life and I'm not sure what I would do without you

~ Don't let him make you feel bad about who you are. You are a wonderful person and it's his faults that won't allow him to see that

~I wish you could slow down and enjoy life

~ I hate that you get everything handed to you and I have to work so hard for everything I've ever gotten. I hate that this has given you this huge sense of entitlement

~ You will never know how grateful I am for you

~ You can always make me laugh when I feel like crying

~ I sometimes think we are too alike for our own good

~ I worry about you the most

~ I honestly don't know why I continue to keep you in my life when you make me miserable

~ I am grateful that I know I have you to help me up if I fall on my butt, which I have so many times in my life

~ I wish you cared when it mattered. I hate knowing that I never got the chance


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PBandJ said...

I love this! Sometimes I wish I could just send someone an annonymous letter and tell them everything I think (both good and bad). I would love to tell people what I think, but I would also love to know what other people truly think about me. I don't know if the world would be a better place if we all said what we were thinking, but it would be quite interesting. I wonder if it would make us better people in our thoughts and actions, or would it just make everyone grumpy?