Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Whew! I'm beat

I started my new job this week, today was day 2. So far I love it. There's a LOT to learn and it's been really slow so I'm getting a chance to ask a lot of questions without being too much in the way but yet not learning as much as I might if it were busier and I could see it all in action. I was in Urgent care yesterday and ER today, I definitely like er better, it's just more interesting. Urgent care is basically snotty noses and skinned knees which is rather boring. Yesterday I got to watch and today I got to answer the phone and man the switchboard. I'm quite certain I sent at least half the calls to la-la land. Oops.

Tomorrow is orientation... for 8 hours. EIGHT HOURS. Apparently someone from like every department under the sun will be coming in to talk to us, about God knows what.

The kids are back to school. Tuesday for the older 2 and today for the little one's. So far they all seem to like their teachers and Hailey has joined cross country again. Austin is starting off on the right foot completing his first 2 homework assignments last night with a great attitude. Fingers crossed!

Anyway, things will be a bit quiet around here til I get through my training, I'm training 40+ hours a week so I just won't have much time to blog, sadly.

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PBandJ said...

Yay! Congrats on your first days (of work and the kids going back to school). Remember to relax and not stress out... enjoy!