Saturday, August 30, 2008

A picture is worth a thousand words

So, we attempted to get a family picture on Saturday. Easy enough right? I mean mom's a photographer, they should be use to perfectly sculpted poses and smiles, no? Yeah.... NO.

This is what happens when you get a 14 year old who knows it all, his dramatic "life is SO unfair" almost 13 year old sister and their gooofy little 1 year old brother (who can't keep his tongue in his mouth) together and try to get them and their siblings .. oh, and the dog, to sit still and smile for a picture. Now mind you my first instict was to delete the picture, scrap the whole idea and buy myself some whiskey, but after looking at it I realized that this picture really actually did capture our family quite accurately. We aren't perfect subjects, smiling and sitting up straight. We are silly, funny, moody, and we like it that way!

So I give you our fall 2008 family picture


Teesa69 said...

Love the picture!! Can't wait to try to get one of my family that includes me :) LOL -- Like that will ever happen! I think you have a beautiful family!

PBandJ said...

What a lovely family! A picture where everyone is posed and smiling is nice, but you gotta love candid photos; no better way to capture true personality!