Monday, August 18, 2008

Someone call PETA

Because certainly this will constitute animal cruelty in it's most sincere form. Torture by 1 year old. Weapon of choice: Little Red Duplo wagon.

I simply adore watching little one's learn. My mom bought Nathan a little red wagon at a yard sale. He loved it, climbing right in and demanding anyone within pulling distance get off their lazy duff and chauffer his royal buns around.

After a while the novelty wore off and alas, it was time to find a new victim.

Aha! Someone left a Dachshund in the dining room. I think she'd like a ride

(notice the look the dog is giving me... as if to say "Lady, I swear... I will cut you in your sleep" )

You KNOW Nathan didn't put the dog in the wagon by himself. Hence the glare she's giving his acomplice behind him

K, lets go for a ride doggie! Don't worry, it'll be fun!

It took the dog about 6 seconds to jump out and hide under the bed in the girls' room. Poor Nate.

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PBandJ said...

I love it! Paul's dog is too big to pull around, so instead he likes to ride on her! Your pups (human and animal)are too cute!!!