Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I just cannot beleive summer vacation is almost over! Crazy business it is, I tell ya. I'm not ready for my babies to leave the nest.

Speaking of. We will not be homeschooling this year. A lot of soul searching has taken place on this issue, a lot of talking to people who are experienced with homeschooling, virtual schooling, etc and I think we all just have a better outlook on the whole thing now. Of course as the year goes on we will be constantly having to re-evaluate.

Austin is starting high school this year and has a really good frame of mind going on. He sees this as a chance to start over, a fresh start. I will do my best to keep him motivated. Hailey will still be in the middle school, which is tough. That principal....... ugh I just won't even get myself worked up again. Let's just hope she can just stay out of his way. I'm not in the slightest worried about Christian or Shaylin, school is their thing. And Jack, well....... he needs school, he just doesn't know it yet .....

Austin had a short visit with his dad this last time. He really just would rather not be there and I can't blame him. It's constantly something it seems. So when the prospect of going camping came up Austin decided that he would rather come home than be stuck in an RV with them for days on end.... shudder. He got his hair trimmed, apparently he put his foot down and told his dad he was not cutting it off, end of story. Good for him! I admit I wouldn't be heartbroken to see my clean cut baby boy under all that hair again but it's his head, he may do with it what he wishes. His dad can't really talk after all, the day of our engagement pictures he cut all the hair off one side of his head and left the other side long....... I'm not even joking. Wish I still had those pictures to show you.

He's wanting to talk to his dad about cutting visits down to one weekend a month this school year. I told him that's his call but HE has to talk to his dad about it, not me. So we'll see if he does. He's getting better at standing up for himself, so hopefully he can communicate with his dad and figure out some sort of agreement.

What else. Spent an hour at the DMV yesterday transfering title and registering the new truck and renewing Craig's lisence. To the tune of over $200! And we only bought the truck for $150 so tax was only $7.00. I screwed up the form the first time, apparently 3/4 ton only means axle weight (and I do recall having known that at some point in time) so the lady, when she saw me check the box for "under 4500 lbs" says "oh, you got a little S10?" I was like ummm, no... I got a Chev 2500. "OH! Your truck weighs more than 4500 empty!" and tacks on another $30. Grand. I can't figure out though why the truck is odometer exempt? Anyone want to explain that one to me?

Craig has applied for a new job. A really really awesome job. I'm not holding my breath in the slightest because he's not entirely qualified for the job, but you never know he might get lucky. I also applied for a job... I know, I know. It's 3rd shift so no daycare and a job I'd absolutely love. Again, not holding my breath but if I got it, awesome. And no, I wouldn't be quitting my current job, I would just probably shove more clients off on my partner and primarily do prenatal classes, which have become a very rewarding thing for me. It's funny because I always wanted to be hands on with the patients and now I really love the education aspect of it the most. Funny how things change. Don't get me wrong, every time I'm given the honor to witness new life come into the world I take a look up to the sky and thank God I was given the opportunity to do the work I do, It's just very rewarding teaching these parents about things so important as breastfeeding and minimizing the drugs their children are exposed to.

Anyway. a lot of rambling going on today.

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