Monday, August 11, 2008

The sad story of the Kodak printer

So, a few months ago you may remember me telling you about my Kodak 5100 all in one printer, the same printer featured on last season's "The Apprentice". The printer that uses 50% less ink than it's competitors. And it does live up to it's claims. I've gotten a lot more prints per ink cartridge than any other printer I've owned (and ink is only $22 for BOTH color and black) beautiful lab quality prints at that!

The problem is, more often than not my printer has not been in working order. You see, apparently my printer's print heads had a life expectancy of one month and between 4 and 100 prints. Yes, you read that right...... FOUR. I say this because after having the printer for 6 months I had replaced the print head already 5 times. Kodak's customer service through the whole thing was fairly well, better when I got lucky enough to speak with someone who spoke fluent english, I admit. They faithfully sent me new printheads every month along with 2 bonus ink cartridges with the printhead and 2 more when I sent the old one back.

Finally, this last time was the last straw for both Kodak and I and they sent me a whole new printer. Let's hope my troubles are over!

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