Monday, August 25, 2008

How do you convince someone it's ok to leave?

We went to see my uncle yesterday. my mom, sister, and I. It was apparent he was in his final days/hours. My mom had a hard time seeing him so we went and got my aunt to meet us there. Much to our surprise we met my cousin (his daughter) paying him a last visit before going home to Arizona.

After seeing how much he had deteriorated since the day before she and her fiance decided to stay another day.

It was really emotional. Everyone was telling him it was ok to go to heaven but he just continued to fight and became agitated.

Last night my mom and her siblings were called to his bedside at about 10pm. They stood vigil all night and today he is still clinging to life.

How do you convince someone it's ok to leave? How do you help them to know that everyone will be ok? That thier work is finished? He's struggling so. He's dehydrated and starved. He hasn't been able to swallow anything in a week, I just don't know how he's still alive. To see his daughter telling him to go through her tears was absolutely heartbreaking. I can't even imagine her pain. He never wanted to live like this and now we can't get him to let go...

Please say a prayer that he's able to resolve whatever is keeping him here and move on and be at peace.


InsomniacRed said...

He could possibly be waiting for someone or something... something to happen, something to be said...

tropicalg77 said...

In the name of God the almighty Father Who created you, in the name of Jesus Christ, Son of the living God, Who suffered for you, in the name of the Holy Spirit, Who was poured out upon you, go forth, faithful Christian. May you live in peace this day, may your home be with God with Zion, with Mary the virgin Mother of God, with Joseph, and all the angels and saints. Amen.

God of power and mercy, you have made death itself the gateway to eternal life. Look with love on our dying brother/sister, and make him/her one with Your Son in His suffering and death, that, sealed with the blood of Christ, he/she may come before you free from sin. Amen.

May Christ Who was crucified for your sake
free you from excruciating pain.
May Christ Who died for you
free you from the death that never ends.
May Christ the Son of the living God,
set you in the ever green loveliness of His Paradise,
and may He, the true Shepherd
recognize you as one of His own.
May you see your Redeemer face to face
and standing in His presence forever,
may you see with joyful eyes
Truth revealed in all its fullness.

cindys_family_eveything_blog said...


reading this bought me to tears... i so remember standing next to grants mum.. unable to say goodbye (and without knowing her own death was so close). the kids said bye (as in bye seeya tomorrow nanny) and i said goodnight... for some reason when i stood beside the bed, saying good bye felt wrong.

so it was goodnight val... grant will see you in the morning.

sometimes i think the body is ready (grants mum was serverly dehydrated and breathing horriably)
but the spirit is scared to go forward. Maybe even now his scared to take that leap to the other side?

i am probably not helping but want you to know i understand. thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and espically your mum, hugs ... from here and back.