Saturday, August 16, 2008

The other guy

Remember earlier this year when my darling, yet clumsy daughter did this to her face..?

Well, I give you the "other" guy....

Ok not really. This little guy was able to hurt himself with no involvement of his sister. I'd love to be able to tell you that he got this shiner honestly, by doing something noble and brave. Maybe rescuing his sister from the bar brawl or saving the dog from Nathan or something. But nooo my friends, instead I must tell the truth.

His friend and the friends dad and him decided that hitting BASKETBALLS with a baseball bat sounded like a good idea. Call me overprotective but I saw this catastrophe coming a mile away. BASKETBALLS? Oy.....

But live and let learn I say, never wanting to miss the photo ops that come from my children maiming themselves. Hit basketballs with a bat if you must, just be prepared to smile for Mr Nikon later.

1 comment:

PBandJ said...

At least he is OK! I do not feel so bad about Little P now, although his eye looks quite nasty, too!