Wednesday, August 20, 2008

In a strange turn of events..

My career plans have yet again veered back in which they came. The hospital called yesterday and offered me the job I interviewed for (the one I really really wanted!) just a different shift. I'll be doing a float shift until something more regular opens up. That's perfectly fine with me! Now that my mom is on days she offered to help out with the kids if there's evenings I must work that Craig also works. It's part time, which I wanted.

Thankfully I was able to get my $350 course fee back from the school for my CNA class.

I am so unbeleivably happy about this. The more I thought about the CNA class and the PCT job the more I realized how it was just not right. It was totally "settling" for the easy option. I didn't want to continue in nursing for a reason and being a PCT would have been the same things I hated about it, but even worse.

I'm most definitely NOT breaking ties with OB. I will still teach my classes and take Doula clients. I love OB but I'm glad I don't have to settle for a job that wasn't going to make me happy and would open very little doors for me in the future like this job will.

Craig and I were talking about it and I was saying how baffling it was that first I didn't get the job and then when I re-directed my plans it came to me. He figures maybe God was giving me the opportunity to really think about what I wanted and figure it out, maybe so.

In other news Craig's brother got married this past weekend. We weren't able to go due to like all of Craig's cooks either being away on training for this or that, fired, quit, no-shows, or arrested. Nice huh? When it rains it pours and poor Craig worked a lot of overtime this last couple weeks.

Anyway, apparently my nephew ended up in the hospital with appendicitis merely hours before his father and new step mom were to say the I do's! What timing! They ended up getting married after all that night after little C's mom arrived from her vacation in Michigan to be with him at the hospital. Poor guy! I guess, that's life with kids! I guess little C is home now and everything went well. Whew!


cindys_family_eveything_blog said...

lol sounds like your settled, and decided to try and prove that the other job was made for you. i think you try to convince, us, your readers, so it would make you believe that your really wanted the ob job.

sometimes it takes getting what we dont want to make us realise our real path.

glad you got it sorted

PBandJ said...

Yay! Congratulations and good luck! How awesome for you!