Sunday, January 25, 2009


I just realized that by reading the first half or so of that last post you would think I was leaving my husband or something lol

Most definitely NOT the case. Let it be said.

I feel better. I feel freer. I am excited to pursue friendships and experiences without worrying about what she will think of them. Without dreading hearing her cut them down or try to be better than them. It will be great to experience my life and be happy or sad or dissapointed or angry or whatever without having to be one-upped all the time.

To let you know the extent of it. Tonight when Hailey and Austin asked me who I was on the phone with earlier I simply said "it was __, we ended our friendship" and they both immediately said GOOD! I expected it from one of them, as that one has never been a fan of the drama (per his own words) but the other one slightly surprised me until she said "mom, we see it too you know. We hear what she says about people and stuff too and we don't like it either"

Wow. that was powerful. I think I have a lot of people to apologize to.....


PBandJ said...

Good for you! You are a stronger, braver person than I am. I do not have bad feelings with the old friends in my life, but it would probably be good to clean out the closet a little bit. I never will, though. It seems like it was best for everyone in your case, though.

Cure For Kayden said...

ok i must be weird because i assumed the whole time you were talking about another female friend you had outgrown.

i dont see in your post how it could be your hubby because the reasons you outgrew her didnt fit craig.

glad i am right and things between you are well.

sometimes ending a difficult friendship is hard... but the key is knowing when to end it.. and doing it.