Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Oh stormy day.

Nothing like a mid-afternoon tornado warning to get the blood pumpin. Blech.

Anyway. Still haven't heard from Nate's ped regarding his ultrasound. No news is good news? What would be good news at this point? That once again they think it's normal and there is still no reason why this kid drinks enough to drown and pees rivers? That we can check yet another body system off on our peice by peice search for whatever is causing this? That they DID find something wrong? I don't even know what to hope for anymore, I really don't.

I'm sure you've heard of the newest Favre circus. I'm pretty sure this guy craves attention more than Octo-mom at this point. He's really become quite the media whore, hasn't he. The Vikings? Really?.......... no REALLY? Apparently people are burning his jerseys and stuff. Yeah, ok, get over it. He's someone else's problem now. I mean really, he hasn't thrown that great since he hurt his thumb and now he's got a torn rotator cuff on top of it? Sucks to be you Minnesota. Sucks to be you. I don't get what the big deal is anyway. Yeah, we went to a couple super bowls, and even won one of those. But people, this "God" of the pigskin hasn't taken his team anywhere near a superbowl in what, 10 years? He's an old has-been. And he's having trouble accepting that. It'll be fun though, the rivalry between the Vikes and the Packers is crazy, and it'll be even more interesting this year. I might actually have to watch football. To see Aaron Rogers kick Favre's purple ass. Priceless.

Anyway. You'd think I care about Fooseball or something. I don't.

Some very exciting news. My husband just finished the application process for College!!! He's always dreamed of going into the police force, and you know, he's not getting any younger so it's time he followed his dream. I'm SO proud of him.

Anyway, better get my own homework done. Oh, and watch my DVR'd Hell's Kitchen.

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