Saturday, August 22, 2009

Turning on a dime

So Thursday when I hadn't yet heard from our Ped I decided to call and leave a message that I would like the results of the Ultrasound. On my way home from work Dr K's MA Tammy called me and told me that Dr K thought everything looked good, that she had forwarded the reports to Dr H (the ped urologist) but he was on vacation but that if when he got back he thought anymore needed to be done from a urology standpoint they'd let us know. But to rest assured it looked fine.

Not sure whether to be bewildered that we had just checked off another body system in our search for what the heck is going on, or happy that another body system of my child appeared perfectly normal I figured we'd just move on to endocrinology and go from there.

Friday morning Craig woke me up and told me that Tammy had just called and he told them I would need to call them back and discuss things (cause ya know, I AM master scheduler around here). So I called back and she told me that Dr H had actually checked the ultrasound and while on vacation and decided he needed to see squirt ASAP. Told me to call down to Marshfield and schedule and if I couldn't get in within a couple weeks to call them back and they would get him in sooner. Well they got us in the day Dr H comes back from vacation, August 31st.

So, I really don't know anything. Just that Dr H saw something that he feels is worth dragging us 2.5 hours down to Marshfield for. Hopefully it's answers. God please let it be answers!

Also got a call from the referral center about Nate's eye. We'll be seeing another Ophthamologist at the University of Minnesota (no, we don't need directions, thank you ma'am, we could get there with our eyes closed and even have our favorite parking spot in our favorite parking ramp, thanks.) on Oct 9th for a second opinion on his cataract. We see Dr A, his current Ophthamologist this coming Thursday for his first recheck since getting his glasses.

We're waiting on rescheduling the endo appt until after we know what Dr H has to say. Here's hoping we don't need Endo, that they have a diagnosis, a fix, and we get get on with it.

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