Sunday, August 16, 2009

So Friday Nate had his ultrasound. She scanned his kidneys and went to the bladder and his bladder was enormousely full. Took him to go potty and his diaper was wet, second soaking wet diaper of the day and he had been up a whole hour.

Took him potty and came back out and she started again... There were still 64 cc's of urine in his bladder.

So it would appear that he's not emptying his bladder allvthe way, for whatever reason. An obstruction would make sense to me, since that can sometimes lead to polyuria/polydipsia. Now we wait for the doc to call and tell us what they think.

His blood pressure was normal, not sure what labs they ran but I'm grateful for lab techs who actually listened when I told them he was a hard draw. Even though they still had to spend forever digging, at least they didn't get all cocky about it like usually happens.

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