Saturday, January 15, 2011

Baby it's cold outside!

I think I brought winter to Texas.  It's been in the low 30's for like 4 months.  Ok, by 4 months I mean a week......  My trusty Longhorns sweatshirt and my favorite blanket have become my best friends and the gas company is going to be thrilled at how much heating we are doing. 

I keep telling myself.  It's not Wisconsin and at least there's no snow.,. right?  RIGHT?!?!  

Otherwise I've been very busy with work.  We are now hiring Photographers left and right!  There have definitely been some glitches along the way but it is neat to think that our message, Alex's message, is traveling and that we are, with this photography business able to help people work, do our charity work, and meet some wonderful people in the process!

I am also in the throes of writing my book about my life with chronic depression/anxiety.  I thought  I had myself all figured out but as the chapters turn into another I realize so many more things about myself and how some of the things that didn't make sense in my life really do fit together to form this beautiful puzzle that is ME.  I am currently off medications and I think that is really helping the writing process, helping me to be honest with myself.  It is a struggle to be off meds, for sure though.  Especially when dealing with all the change in my life right now.  But I am determined to make it, and if I or my family ever feel that this is once again out of my control I will not hesitate to go back on the medication.  Having that back up plan is priceless and gives me strength to face the day!

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