Thursday, July 12, 2007


Oh how I have neglected my poor blog. I just haven't felt very inspired lately. Combine that with my obsession with dyeing things ,oy. I tell you what though, my baby has the cutest behind in the county hehe I'll post some pictures later if it will let me, the last couple of times I've tried to post photos in my blog the entry can't be seen.

We have started a new method in the house of getting the kids to get thier chores done. They haven't been taking care of anything and thier laundry has been nuts. So now they each have a day of the week they do thier own laundry and they each have a set chore for the day. They earn points for doing thier chore (double points if done before 1pm). Also, in an effort to keep thier toys out of the common areas of the house, if one is found it's confiscated. On mondays we hold family meetings and they get to use the points they earned the previous week to purchase thier confiscated stuff back and if they have any left over, privledges like video games and computer time.

So far, the middle 4 are loving it. N, well his "chores" that daddy writes on the board usually consist of no pulling hair and no pinching, he has yet to successfully complete one. A, well he's resisting. But if he wants to play games, he'll have no choice but to concede sooner or later.

I've also started a little pastry hobby which my kids definitely enjoy. I hate cooking, but baking is fun! I am making a fondant covered princess cake for S's birthday on the 28th, can't WAIT to work with that although I hear it's a bit of a pain. I told C I think I want to be a pastry chef when I "grow up" hehe.

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sometimes senseless mom said...

ahhh...great point system going -- purchase toys back! i think i will try that instead of giving a reward after so many points. thanks!

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