Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Out of the mouth of doctors

So, if this even posts at all (lately my posts haven't been)

Today our doctor actually said the words "I wish I could just NOT find something with one of your kids"....

How's that for confidence? It's wierd, my kids have always been terribly healthy. They almost never even get colds or the flu, or gosh I don't even think all of them have vomited once in thier lifetime. But lately? One thing after another.

Today was N and Ss "well child" check ups. I'll start with N since, thankfully, he checked out wonderfully. He's 14 lbs 4 oz and 25 inches long. He's on the whopping THIRD percentile lol. But, if you've ever seen my husband or my boys...... you are just nodding your head right now.
Aside from being a peanut, he's developmentally right on track. She said she does suspect he may be allergic to dairy because of his extreme (hours of forceful vomiting) reactions to formula but right now as long as he's still nursing we aren't going to worry too much.

Now onto S.
A year ago, she was diagnosed with mild thoracic juevenile scoliosis. What this means is that she has a curve in her spine in the thoracic region of her spine which is the upper part of her back. It was very mild at the time and the doc just wanted to watch it. Unfortunately, getting diagnosed with scoliosis before your teen years isn't a good thing.....

It's not a good thing because it progresses quickly. 90% of kids diagnosed before age 10 have progression, and 65% end up requiring surgery. Scoliosis surgery is the most difficult and most risky orthopedic surgery there is with the longest recovery time........ and it's not a sure thing.

Ok, back to S. Today, the doctor noticed her curve was worse. Her shoulders are also now uneven. We were sent for x-rays (S got to be the first patient to use the new digital x-ray machine) and we now wait for the radiologist to painstakingly measure the misalignment and degree of rotation in her spine. Once he gets that information to the pediatrician we will know if we are to take a wait and watch approach, brace her, do surgery, or what.

So yeah, one thing after another. And I have a ton of things to write about and updatge you all on but blogger has been such an ass lately I haven't been able to. Maybe it's fixed now.


Cindy said...

i fully understand the one thing after another thing with your kids, mine are totally the same. Right now we are in the lead up to Steph's major face op, but the last two years between Grant (hubby)'s cancer and the other stuff with the kids its just been one long roller coaster of near hell. i guess its never boring though.

jessica said...


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