Monday, September 3, 2007

School is back in session baby!

Ok, almost. Tomorrow my 2 oldest start school, and Wednesday thier 3 younger siblings. Stupid you say? Why have kids in the same district start school on different days? That's asinine? Yes.

For the past 2 years the hateful evil wench we call a principal and her sidekick nasty demon spawn administrator have made it so that the elementary school starts a day behind the middle and high schools. Instead of going to school the first day, these children AND thier parents (who's jobs apparently mean nothing) must be at the school at a time designated by the principal to meet teachers, listen to the same lecture over and over, fill out paperwork that must have stripped a good sized forest, pay fees, pad lunch accounts, donate to the PTO..... THEN you walk down a hall where the area dentist, doctor, construction company, whatever hands your child advertisement pencils and bookmarks and whatever else. This all takes no less than 2 hours.......... if you have one child. I, this year again, will have THREE in that school. It will be a full day.

So. All the crap is bought. initials marked on every pencil, eraser, ruler, and backpack (yes, every pencil......... it's required). All the school clothes hung neatly for the first day. Everything in order......

Until......... the night-before-the-first-day-ever-of-middle-school-and-if-i-don't-have-everything-perfect-i'll-just-DIE drama queen comes home from her day at the MN state fair with Grandma. A 30 minute tirade/try to get mom to convince someone to open the mall tonight so that I can get THE perfect outfit ends with everything she owns on her bedroom floor.

Guess who refused to try on any of her clothes in the store? Guess who was too busy with her social obligations to try any of her school clothes on EVER? Guess who is wearing a boys belt tomorrow to keep her pants up? HAHAHAHAHA sorry chicka.... you will live through it.

Boys are so easy in comparison. Austin doesn't really care if he wears holey sweatpants to school let alone THE perfect pair of jeans from Abercrombie. (yes, this is the same child that last week talked of wanting to donate all her money to charity.... funny)

That's ok............ wait til her dad sees the shirt she thinks she's getting out of the house in tomorrow.............. i'll update with round 2 of the "school clothes war" tomorrow

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