Sunday, September 16, 2007

Well, that was fun

Just a quick note on the previous post. I have to clarify again that when I say that WE are failing our children I do NOT mean that if you coudln't breastfeed, or even if you could and didn't succeed that you are a failure. YOU didn't fail.......... your fellow women, your "village" did.

We need to educate our fellow women, support them, help them succeed. We need to find better ways of getting breastmilk to babies when they cannot get it from their own mothers. We need to stop always looking for the easy way to fix a problem and start fixing it the right way.

Check back in a few days for my sure to be a problem post about welfare! And don't assume you know what my opinion will be on it, I'll bet you'll be wrong!

Anyway, moving on.

I have so many things to do today so here I am sitting at the computer. We found a free garage sale yesterday and I got the kids a lot of new clothes. So my laundry room has once again vomited into my kitchen. We haven't gotten the plug put in for the 220 downstairs so we can run the second dryer, really need to do that!

My house is a sty lately. A 14 room house is NOT easy to keep clean while caring for 6 little mess makers. Nate is a totally cling-on lately and must be held by me at all times. If I so much as walk to the other side of the room he's crying. Poor daddy is feeling a bit like chopped liver. Now he knows how I feel when Shay, as a baby chose him as her favorite! On one hand it's really neat to know that he trusts and loves me that much, on the other I really wish I could use the bathroom in peace at least once a day!

We have to get rid of our cats. Craig's allergies aside, they are driving me crazy. They now have decided that they love Nate's pacifiers. And steal them out of the bed in the middle of the night to take off and chew on them! It's getting a bit expensive! At first they'd steal em out of his bed, well then he decided he'd rather sleep with us anyway and now they come up in OUR bed and steal it. I've had enough! So, if anyone wants a kitty........ I will hook you right up!

For those of you who've been posting in the guestbook at our 9 year olds website, he loves it! Keep it going. If you would like to keep up with him and what's going on right now with his health please email me at and I'll give you the url. I'm not going to post it here after what happened with our other son's site. As long as that person still has access to this blog, I can't be in full confidence here unfortunately.

Oh, try something fun (ie: scary) once. Google your name, your kids' names. See what you come up with, it's scary.

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