Saturday, September 29, 2007

Family ramblings

Thought I'd do a little update on me and mine. Since I know you don't ALWAYS want to read my rantings! hehe.

Let's see. It's been a busy couple of weeks or so. Hailey is doing well in Cross Country aside from a horrid respiratory infection knocking her on her butt this week. Thankfully her meet on Thursday got rained out anyway.

The 20th was Jack's 5th birthday. FIVE!! Can you believe it? Seems like yesterday he was an infant! They DO grow up so fast don't they?

Here are a couple photos from
his birthday

Didn't do TOO bad on the cake if I do say so myself!

Jack and his buddies Carter and Daniel. It's kind of interesting. The first week of school Jack came home and said he made a new "best buddy" and his name was Daniel. Turns out, it's the son of one of Craig's best friends from 'back in the day'! He invited Daniel and Carter to his party and it turns out Carter's mom is someone Craig and Dan and I went to high school with too! So it was like a high school reunion in my living room this morning.

The 27th was our 10th Anniversary. Feels nice to prove the nay sayers wrong who swore we wouldn't last....

My brother and sister in law are due to be having thier baby like any minute now. So We've been all kind of on the edge of our seats for that.

And the newest picture of Nate...... isn't he just freaking delicious?

I will be adding to my hectic schedule by teaching a natural childbirth class through the hospital. I can't WAIT for that it'll be a ton of fun. Let's see... what else has been going on..... A lot of the same old stuff. Kids' activities and what-not around every turn. We are already starting field trips and all that fun stuff! I can't believe it's gonna be Halloween in a few weeks!

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