Wednesday, October 3, 2007

President Bush vetoes SCHIP bill

It's official, our lovely president has vetoed the SCHIP bill which would have doubled the number of insured children in this country. Way to go! Hope you sleep at night! It really was a brilliant bill too! And had over a 70% approval rating.... a helluva lot more than ole Georgie himself has!

He encourages all middle class Americans to "buy health insurance". Really? Cause we never thought of that?! Life must really look that simple when you have cash to spare....

Next week we'll send a couple million more overseas, and a couple thousand more men and women to die, meanwhile some kid will be in the ER dying of pneumonia because no ped would touch him because his parents couldn't pay. BRAVO America!

Here's a thought? Instead of spending billions fixing Iraq, why not fix the USA first! What a concept!

Ok, I said there would be more. Here it is. There has been a lot of buzz about this today of course. I actually read on one blog someone say, and I'm paraphrasing... When are people going to stop looking for a handout and take responsibility for themselves. There's always planned parenthood. Really? WOW. Planned parenthood gives prescriptions for medications for 6 year olds? Subsidizes the cost of leukemia treatments? Interesting. I guess I'll have to read up more on Planned parenthood!

It's easy for the insured to be a bit clueless. It's easy when you have insurance and you go to the doctor and most of your bill gets paid. It's easy when your children are healthy. What if your son got cancer? What if your son needed a cancer treatment not covered by your insurance? Would you have $160,000 in your pocket to pay for that? Or would your child die in that hospital bed waiting for donations from friends and family to get the treatment? Have you ever seen a million dollar hospital bill? Because I have. I have held one in my hands, with my name on it. Have you? What would you do if you did? Would you ask for help? Do you think you'd be deserving of help? Or would you sit back and say that you made a mistake by having a child when you didn't have the means to provide for him, even though you had no idea he'd get cancer, or be born sick?

Planned Parenthood is great. It's easy to say "don't have kids if you can't afford them"....... if only life were that simple. If only having a child ensured you the finances you have at that moment, for the rest of that child's life. Wouldn't that be great! I want to live in THAT World!

Stop being so arrogant in beleiving that YOUR health coverage will always be there. Insurance companies are struggling, yours could shut down tomorrow and where would you be? Your child could get cancer or meningitis tomorrow, where would you be? Don't be so arrogant to think that the people who aren't insured or are underinsured are less than you or don't try hard enough, it's not always that simple. Planned parenthood isn't going to pay for a bone marrow transplant or stem cell transplant, no matter how hard you want to try to beleive it.

And to say that not having children in the first place is the answer is laughable at best. YOU COULD LOSE YOUR JOB TOMORROW and where would you be? Go ahead, call planned parenthood and see if they will pay for your childs hospital bill. Let me know what they say....

I am thankful that that million dollar hospital bill was nearly ALL paid by insurance. But I would NEVER sit here on some pedestal thinking that the kid who laid in the bed next to us didn't deserve his care because his parents couldn't afford it.

It all boils down to what I always say. We are failing our own. Some of us like to sit in our own little bubble and say "i'm ok, I don't know what's wrong with those idiots" ....... it's easy to take that road. To think that other people have the problems they have because of choices they made. But just once why not think about it..... are Jane and Joe homeless because they lost their house when their son died of cancer and they couldn't pay? It's easy to say they are losers who dont' take care of their children and don't provide for them but it's far more difficult to actually find out WHY. And it's extremely difficult for some of us to see ourselves and part of a whole, to leave the "every man for himself" mentality that plagues this country.

Every child in this country is entitled to a free public education through grade 12, yet no child in this country is entitled to a doctor visit, a simple vaccination, or surgery to remove cancer from their stomach yet we pay taxes on everything from our homes to chewing gum. Heck we even pay tax on our medications and surgeries! How is that for irony!

I surely hope that none of you up there on that pedistal ever lose your jobs, your coverage, and I certainly hope your child never gets cancer. But I do hope you remove your head from the sand at some point and think that tomorrow, the unthinkable could happen and you could find yourself in the street with a sick child and no way to pay for his treatment. You are not above tragedy and I would gladly take an increase in my taxes to get YOUR child his medication.

So, if the solution is that everyone who cannot afford a million dollar hospital bill, or heck lets even just say if you don't have $100,000 in savings RIGHT now to pay for a doctor bill if you lost your insurance tomorrow......... you shouldn't have kids. I'm not sure what you should do if you've already had them, but you should run to planned parenthood right now and get some hormone pill to prevent you from having a child because you cannot afford one and WE should not be having to increase our taxes to pay for your "mistakes". Got that?! I don't care if you have a good job with good insurance, what if you don't next week? How are you going to pay for that bill?! Yeah........ I don't know either.

I must say that I've heard some arguements on things that make me roll my eyes and giggle. But for someone to say that the answer to our healthcare crisis is planned parenthood.......... I think that might be up there with the STUPIDEST things i've heard in my entire 31 years.


brand said...

Fixing America would be too 'easy" for him to do. He'd rather help the rest of the world before he helped HIS people. It's really sad to see how other countries can get all kinds of help from America yet they (the gov.) can't help us, who really need it.

cindy said...

Everyone craps on in aussie about how bad the hospital system in aus is.

But at the end of the day


even if we must wait months for operations, and travel 2 hours for chemo treatment.

My daughter has had to have extensive plastic surgery, just to look normal.

She has the best plastic surgeon for kids in probably all of Aus. and for this i am greatful.

recently in the news a lady miscarried in the loos in the er waiting area, a tragic horriable event. our hospitals are strained to the extreame and she should of been given better care.

Like given help and dignity and emotional support.

circumstances like this happen, but i rather at the end of the day have a free system with it faults

Sabrina said...

It's sad! I totally agree!