Friday, October 12, 2007

The little surprises you find.....

When you have a child with sensory integration dysfunction with "autistic tendencies".

I went to use my bathroom this evening and upon walking into my bedroom, I see THIS
Yes, in my bedroom. Our bedroom is in the basement and so is our family closet/grocery overflow. Apparently the "must line everything up or I'll lose my mind" bug hit Jack as he was scoping out what he could snack on and this is the end result.
Never a dull moment!

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Cindy said...

Dec has ocd tendencies. He LOVES to line stuff up, i think at the moment its a minor need, although he starts to get upset if you mess up his lines.

When he was about 2 he started, and would line up shoes, pillows, sofa cushions, chairs, lots of things.

i like to mess his lines up to try and teach him its ok for them not to be straight, however i am no sure it works.

Jacks lines look like declans lines, heaven help if they ever got together....