Friday, October 26, 2007

Bumbo seat recall.. Or Why you should need an IQ test to create life

I'm sure you've all heard of the Bumbo seat recall. If not inform yourself HERE

When are we going to start taking responsibility for our actions? When you purchase a baby seat that has the words "DO NOT USE ON ELEVATED SURFACE" permanently imprinted into the seat, and you then decide to put the seat with child in it on a counter top and said child falls out and cracks his noggin who is responsible?

In this country, apparently the maker of the seat! Parents! Heads up! WATCH YOUR CHILDREN! Stop blaming other people for your failure to supervise your children. What else should we recall? Food? Gosh your child could choke when you leave the room! Baths? They may drown!

Come ON America. If you can't read and follow simple directions maybe you should leave the parenting to someone else!

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cindys_weight_loss_blog said...

Reminds me of a news story i saw some years ago on tv. one of those investigative type stories, the type that fails to really be investigative.

Two mums urging recalls, case 1) mother wants baby walkers recalled cause their dangerous (now personally i am against the use of walkers period, but lets not go there) he son, while she wasnt really watching him, went over to her door, openned it and was able to get into her room and burn his hand on some oils or something she had burning.

ok a) who leaves shit burning unattended, and b) leaves it burning while the baby is up and mobile in a walker???

case 2) mother wants infant bath seats removed from sale.

Son drowned when he tipped over in bath while in the seat. where was mum?? off on the phone for "just" 5 mins.

Showed the box the seat came in, in CLEAR writting, says "Do NOT leave your child unattended in this seat in case of drowning"

how the hell could she try to sue the manufacturers??? they had it clearly labelled, and no one in their right mind leaves a 9 month old anywhere near any water, even a puddle.

With you on this one kat, Parents wake the hell up , their YOUR KIDS.