Friday, October 26, 2007

Because breastfeeding a college student is frowned upon

So, You have to actually feed them.

For the first time ever folks. I'm participating in a blogging contest. Is that even what they are called? Well it is today. This is my entry for the blog contest at The Parent Bloggers for Deceptively Delicious

I'm trying to win a $250 gift card to Williams- Sonoma. So here it is.

Since Breastfeeding a college student is frowned upon, you have to get them to eat!

You'd think with 6 kids I'd have heard it all. Growing up I was the pickiest eater on the planet to the point my mother had to search high and low for those military plates that had partitions so that my food would never touch. If for some reason it DID touch I couldn't bring myself to eat anything on the plate. It really wasn't any wonder I didn't hit 100 lbs until 4 months into my first pregnancy.

I've been pretty lucky with my kids. Christian, who is now 9 has been my one child who has a deep aversion to anything green and vegetabl-ey. He has convinced friends and family that he has a cooked carrots allergy (apparently something happens to the carrots when you cook them, making him allergic). He will be a wonderful chef some day with his wonderful mastery of stuffing a pork chop with vegetables....

The other night at dinner we were all carrying along in our obscene, not-dinner-appropriate coversations as per usual when Christian excitedly looks up from his plate and exclaims "What happened to my beans?"

Now. He might have gotten away with it if A: he weren't so obvious in his statement or B: the dog weren't sitting under his chair on alert. Both things alerted the hubbster and I that Christian had finally thought of the trick that kids have been using for centuries...... feed your veggies to the dog.

It didn't take long for the small fry to realize he was busted. He spent the next 5 minutes trying to make himself cry but failing miserably in the attempt due to the insane elf-like laughter speweing from his mouth at every attempt. Until we informed him that now he had to eat another helping of stuffing hehe *insert my own evil elf laugh here*

What he doesn't realize is that he's playing the game with the lady who wrote the book haha.

Not nearly as entertaining as the year he convinced everyone he was Jewish...... but that's a story for another day.

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Magpie said...


The kitchen table in my mother's house has a convenient odd ledge underneath. Many an undesired food ended up down there.