Thursday, November 1, 2007

Wisconsin senate passes breastfeeding in public law!

Ok, so it still has to pass the assembly and be signed by Governor Doyle before it is "for real" but WTG Wisconsin for finally taking a step in the right direction!

Current Wisconsin law simply states that it is not a crime punishable by law to breastfeed in public, which offers no protection at all.

The NEW law will make it a crime to harass a breastfeeding mother! Punishable by a $200 fine!

WTG Wisconsin senate! Let's hope the Assembly is as smart!!!

It's about time!

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cindys_weight_loss_blog said...

yeah goooooooooo wisconsin

i hope this passes, we have this law where i live too, and the sad part is though, not everyone knows about it.

good luck with getting it through, lets hope that they educate people about it when its passed as well.

oh we also have little stickers restaraunts and shops display that premote equality for bf mums

they say "bf friendly" and have a logo of a mum bf a child(endorsed by the BFA (breast feeding association)