Thursday, November 1, 2007

Christmas decorations!

That's right. You read right. Christmas decorations. You see, I live across the street from a family much like the Griswolds (tell me i'm not dating myself!). This older couple across the street every year on November 1st begins filling thier yard with an obscene amount of lightey-uppy, animated, blinking, flashing crap that makes the electricity flicker on the entire block from the time they illuminate it (dec 1) til the time our poor retinas finally get a break for another 11 months (January 1). Keep on the lookout for pictures.

Did y'all have a great Halloween? I love Halloween. Every year I procrastinate and stress out about it and finally throw costumes together at the last minute and we all have a ball....... well almost all of us. The kids don't wear costumes to school here, because they like to suck every ounce of fun out of everything in school, but I made them cute NON costume-costumes. Hailey, Shay, and Jack went to school wearing Smarties candies glued to thier pants and shirts that said "Smartie Pants" hehe.

I remember being a kid and going out trick or treating at like 6:30 and staying out til some ungodly hour. Due to the town sucking the fun out of everything, trick or treating is now from 4:30-7pm . I know, s-a-f-e-t-y....... Blah, what fun is trick or treating without the added danger of being mangled by a large SUV?

Anyway, so the minute the kids came through the door work began on Christian's costume. His costume consisted of about a million small lengths of white fabric. The end effect (which I didn't get a picture of) was awesome, really looked authentic, not that i've ever seen a REAL mummy but you know, from all those cheesy movies. So here's how the outfit was after wrapping...

Rather cute lil mummy, complete with spider. Then we did Jacksen's costume..... Captain Jack........... sans the nasty dreadlocks.

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And Shaylin, the pretty witch. Although I couldn't resist putting spider webs on her cheeks and bugs on her face, but she was a pretty witch nonetheless.

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And then Frogger Nate. What is it about a baby that they can be so freaking adorable even with a green tear streaked face? He DESPISED his costume.

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Oddly enough he wasn't at all afraid of daddies mask.

And the dog...... Ok the dog isn't dressed up. I'm just not one of those that thinks dogs in people clothes is cute. But the dog got her picture taken anyway.

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I didnt' get Austin and Hailey's pictures, my friend did but I don't have em yet so you'll have to use your imagination. Hailey was a corpse bride and Austin was... Austin.

So then we headed out to a friends house and we all headed out the door. Can you imagine 3 large families out trick or treating? It was fun indeed. Keep in mind a couple kids weren't with us but between us 3 families there are 16 children. SIXTEEN! Ages 16, 14, 12, 10, 9, 9, 8, 7, 5, 5, 5, 3,3, 2, 9months, 6 months. Let's just say that since this town doesn't have sidewalks, we made for some really congested streets.

Of course Jack started crying about 5 minutes into it that he was freezing. You see, I'm not one of those parents who drives the car around, inch by inch, following the kids door to door lest they get cold and need a ride. If you are getting free candy, you get out there and freeze your ass off for it like I had to.

I noticed that it isn't like it use to be though. When we would go out as kids every light in town would be on, we would literally go door-to-door. Now, at least here you maybe find 1-2 houses on each block that are lit up, sometimes none at all. You can see the people are home, they are just holding out on the candy giving..... may karma bite them in the ass for it too! Evil rotten no-good candy hoarders.

After we got all the candy little hands could stand to carry we all headed out to the town Halloween party. The kids played games, ate hot dogs, and won dimes (wonder how many kids ATE thier prizes....... dimes? not really the best idea, ya think?) Then we went home and they ate until thier stomachs cramped and they fell into deep sugar-crash induced comas. Even Nate, who got his first sucker.

Another Holiday closer to Christmas! Donations for our Christmas fund can be sent directly to our bank........... if you are so inclined.

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