Thursday, November 8, 2007

I'm a little behind on this one but Go Evenflo!

While visiting one of my favorite blogs, the Motherwear breastfeeding blog this morning I found this article.

Evenflo aquires Evenflo Acquires Leading Breastfeeding Product Line Ameda

Evenflo will be removing all bottle/nipple images from thier website as well as ceasing ALL bottle related advertising to consumers in an effort to become WHO compliant (you can read the story of the WHO code here).

If reading the last link was your first introduction to the Nestle boycott, please familiarize yourself with it here.

One of my favorite infant product companies once again outdoes itself! Way to go Evenflo!


Anonymous said...

Ya know- it kind of makes me mad that you are SO anti bottle feeding and chastize those who do it.

Bottle feeding is a choice that some people make either out of necessity or convenience.Maybe in your opinon a poorly formed decision, but someone chose it.

Just like others make choices to continue having children that they can NOT afford and wallow around in pity over their poverty and inability to provide.

Just like those who make the choice to smoke and get cancer.

Stop chastizing people for formula feeding their kids- really, in todays world, at least they're taking care of their kid. And stop making moms who tried their darndest to breastfeed worse than they already do for having to give up and bottle feed.

You are really like the pot calling the kettle black with your ultraliberal bull crap.

cindys_weight_loss_blog said...

Wow gee

your such a nice person.

You know you dont gotta come here and read what kat writes.

This is her blog and her opinion.

You dont even read the posts you just respond on what you think shes saying.

Maybe breastfeeding might be a choice to some in western countries.

But read what shes supporting and what the article is saying

correct me if i am wrong, but from my reading of the posted article, Nestle is encouraging mothers in third world countries, with unsafe drinking water to formula feed their babies.

This ammounts to infantcide in my opinion. Ever seen a doco on the water in third world countries???

Nestle is insuitating through photos that formuala fed babies are stronger and healthier the breast fed babies.... and this will lead to many infant deaths.

try reading whats being written instead of getting all hung up on "i couldnt breast feed and kats picking on me"

i didnt breastfeed my first (due to personal reasons) and breast fed my other 3, one even to 3.5 years old (shock call the child protection workers)

I have certainly never felt vindicated or attacked by anything kats written.

by the way bottle feeding was invented as a subistuite for mothers that couldnt breast feed, not for a choice, and bottle feeding is not convient. I feel sorry for the poeple who "choose" to give their kids cows milk and make formula companies rich.

at the end of the day, they want profit, not health for your baby.

i love the stickers you can get here

"human milk for Human babies"