Thursday, November 29, 2007

I was right

So, a lot of you have told me to walk a mile in your shoes before I judge. So I took you up on it...... well not entirely for YOUR benefit...

I took a temporary job, working opposite shift as Craig because I will never, if I have any choice in the matter put my children in daycare, it's just not something I agree with. But I took a temporary job to earn some extra money for Christmas and.......Y'all are missing out. Missing out big time. Thank god it's only temporary. The money isn't worth what is missed when I'm gone, not even slightly.
I fully intend to finish out the job (4 weeks in total) but I'll be glad when it's over.I do like the job. I enjoy it a lot actually. I get to use my brain, I get to socialize, and it's a great place to work full of awesome people. But the price is too high.

Y'all are missing some really special memories. I'm sorry for that.

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