Thursday, October 25, 2007

One way to get out of going to the dentist...

So this morning didn't go well.... Ok all day didn't really fit in with my plans.

This morning starts with Craig waking me up to tell me he's going to work to put the order in. Next thing I know he's waking me up again to tell me it's nearly 9:00. I have to be at the dentist office at 9:50 and it's a 45 minute drive. You do that math.

So, mad dash around the house getting dressed, brushing and flossing (can't forget to floss on dentist day!) and fly out the door thanking God the car has 3/4 of a tank of gas in it. I get about 3 miles from home and realize I have no wallet and since we've canceled the cell phone contract and not gotten around to activating our old pre-paid phone again I also have no phone, which always makes me nervous.

For about 1/4 of a mile I contemplate turning around for my wallet. What if I get pulled over? Oh well. What if I'm in an accident and knocked unconcious and they can't identify me and give me penicillin and send me into an allergic reaction and I die a horrible anaphylactic death? I know....... who thinks like that right?

I decide I'll take the chance. I'm already going to be late, I can't turn around now.

So I drive and listen to my favorite morning station 104.5 WAXX morning show

I get about halfway there and while entering a tiny one store town with an insanely polish (i think) name I hear this strange noise, almost sounds like the rumble bars you run over to alert you to stop ahead. As soon as it starts it's gone and as it ends I hear the sound like when you run over a small object and it bounces up and hits the underside of your car. My car seems to be driving fine, runny smoothly and nothing is different so I continue on.

About 3 miles later while going around a corner I hear another noise. A noise that I cannot explain away, almost a wobbling sound. I decide it best to pull over and just take a walk around the car to be sure there aren't any pedestrians hanging from my bumper that I failed to see. Sure enough...... I get out and my eyes immediately fall upon.............. it......


Ok, no problem right? I mean I spent my formitive years sitting on top of 350 big blocks. I learned to change oil before I learned to write my name. I can DO this. Never mind that as I look around my PTSD from 1999 when I saw a man get hit by a car while helping out a stranded motorist is slowly rearing it's ugly head. I can DO this.

I pop the trunk and.......... wait..... there's no spare tire in the trunk. Well I'd never seen one there before but I guess my mind thought that since I now needed one that one would automatically be there when I opened the trunk. I don't even see a jack in there....... uh oh. Where the HELL is the spare?!

Now what? I pace the length of my car in the weeds a couple of times and decide that I need to walk to the nearest house. I start walking and realize I don't SEE any houses. I turn around and walk the other way (no, really I'm not blond lol). On my walk I contemplate who I can call.... seeing as how I have no money. I remember that my uncle owns a service station a couple towns away and hope he will be nice enough to come and help his penniless neice who never calls him. I approach this tiny white house that could well belong to a serial killer but maybe not. As I walk up the driveway there are NO LESS than 52 dogs barking at me from behind fences. Tiny dogs, but I'm sure if they ganged up I'd have been toast.

I approach the door and knock and hear what sounds like another 86 dogs inside ( I may be UNDER estimating here)............. oh lord let me live through this.....

A woman answers the door wearing nothing but Wisconsin Badgers t-shirt. I tell her my dilemma and she invites me in to use the telephone. I ask for a phone book and look through it and cannot find the phone number to my uncles station...... seems in my years of using the internet for everything I've done forgotten how to use a phone book or something. So I call my husband and ask him to look up the number. I tell him how I can't find the stupid spare and he tells me it's "underneath".....

I get my uncles phone number and get lucky. Not only is he at the station but he will come and get his estranged neice out of trouble, whew. I call the dentist and explain why I am not, at this moment, walking in thier front door for my appointment.

I kindly thank the lady (still wearing only her skivvies and t-shirt) and make my way back to my car, breathing a sigh of relief that not only did I not happen upon the home of a serial killer, but I wasn't mauled by a pack of angry chihuahua's either. Once back to my car I look underneath the back of the car for the spare..... no tire there! HA! Shows what he knows!

A bit later my dear uncle pulls up in his tow truck. He immediately pulls this nifty little flap up in my trunk and finds the cute never-been-touched-since-factory-install tire and quickly changes the tire. Thankfully he didn't give me too much of a hard time for being automotibile challenged and I have an uneventful drive home where my husband has a good laugh at my troubles and my 5 year old incessantly accuses me of popping the tire due to speeding and running red lights.

THEN. A couple hours later I get a phone call from my mother telling me she's going in for an urgent MRI scan on her lungs. An x-ray revealed a spot on her lung. She's never smoked a day in her life. We end up sitting at the hospital for 2 HOURS waiting for her scan..... joy A little prayer that the results come back great would be appreciated!

Anyway. So that was my crazy day.

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