Tuesday, February 17, 2009

1 out of 3, please?

We aren't doing so well with the doctor appts but at least Chris is done. He saw the Audiologist yesterday and the GI today.

I honestly thought the audiology appt would end up being a waste of time. I didn't see it coming. All through the test as they are having Chris who was in a sound proof room repeat words and raise his hand to beeps in his headphones I kept thinking "ok, they are going to say he's fine, I know it... this is silly".

Then as we finish up and she puts the convertible computer next to me I STILL though everything was ok, as I looked at the graph all of his dots and x's were in the white area except a couple that were at the bottom of the gray. Well that's ok right? A couple numbers borderline but most are ok, right?

Oh, but I soon learned I wasn't right. Turns out the GRAY area was "normal" hearing, not the white. His high tones were the couple that were borderline, the rest indicated hearing impairment.

So many questions that don't have answers. Has this been there since birth or is it new? is it progressive? Will he someday be deaf? We just don't know.

What we do know is that in 2 weeks he will get his hearing aids. He chose cobalt blue for the part behind the ear and a swirl of blue, green, and white for the earmold peice. He seems ok with it. Likely more than I am.

Then every 2 weeks we will venture back to Eau Claire to test his hearing and see if A: His regular hearing is progessing in the wrong direction and B: If the hearing aids are helping him or not (apparently they don't help everyone). I shudder to think of what happens if they don't. Then what?

I swear if anyone picks on that child mama bear will tear them limb for limb.... I'm just sayin.

Then today we see the GI. If you remember we've been seeing this GI for about 2 years now since Christian first began his tummy troubles. He's been through a battery of tests and was dx'd with lactose intolerance and GERD. However, for some unkown reason Christian doesn't gain weight. He hasn't gained weight in 3 years.

Well, a lot of his issues have been well controlled with medications and I thought he was doing better. I was so sure of it I thought we'd be discharged from the GI, or at least spaced to yearly visits.

Until I got hit by a truck again. He's lost four pounds. In the winter, sitting on his butt. Four pounds.

He doesn't eat much, I don't know how to make him eat more. We are seeing a dietician next week to help us figure out how to pack more calories into what little he does eat. We will give it four months and in June see the GI again and go from there.

Tomorrow we travel to Marshfield to see Nathan's Ophthamologist and chat about the cataract. Will it be glasses or surgery? Let's hope our luck changes overnight.


Cure For Kayden said...

ughhh what a tough time. its so hard when that truck hits you. i remember the feeling of being told steph has osteoparosis (spelling i know!!!) in her back at 12 !!! 12!!!!

and her back was in serious danger. that truck just mows you down. you will get through this, one way or another. i hope christian's hearing improves and that he doesnt go completly deaf. on the other hand i know that of all the families i know that yours will cope with it, should it happen.

i will be praying for nate and an easy outcome for you and praying for christian too.

tropicalg77 said...

seems like sometimes the punches just get more severe.

God has chosen you for a reason, and no matter how much we lay down and have our temper tantrums, it won't change what is in store for us. Boy don't we both know that.

Let me know if you need a ear to chew, or a shoulder, I am just a few miles away.

A good friend shares her problems, lord knows I have shared mine with you, and have looked to you for guidance.

Love ya,

Teesa69 said...

Oh I'm so sorry that you're dealing with all this. I hope you get better news today. ((HUGS))

Anonymous said...

Oh my - that's a lot to deal with at once! So sorry! I will be praying for all of you that your son's hearing impairment is not progressive, that your other son can gain some weight, and that the last doctor's visit brings GOOD news!!!

leah said...

I found your blog through google- the hearing aids should help (they usually aren't as helpful with profound hearing losses, but are generally very helpful with mild, moderate, and moderately severe losses)!

Our little guy started out (at birth) with a loss like your little guy's- worse in the low frequencies and hitting borderline normal in the highs. He's lost a little bit of hearing, but his aids still help him a lot.

Good luck in the future!