Friday, February 13, 2009

Octuplets part 2 plus some

Ok so admittedly I'm probably behind on this story. There's been so much going on I haven't really had time for current events, however it's not hard to overhear conversation about this story, as so many people have very strong opinions about it.

Andrea Yates, John and Kate plus 8, even the Duggars... large families can't catch a break it seems. There will always be those that paint the picture of large families, accurate or not, in the public. The truth of the matter is, having a large family is not as sensational or attention getting as it seems. Most of us are just like everyone else. We work, we shop at Walmart, life really isn't very chaotic or exciting. Most of us don't have television shows or write books, most of us don't drown our children in the bathtub. We just live our lives, typical American style.

Sure, our routines have to be a bit more regimented. We have 4 hours of homework instead of 1. We have to buy 6+ backpacks instead of 2. There definitely are things different in a large family but for the most part we are surprisingly normal.

Then you get families like this. There are so many questions. A woman who due to back injury could not work, yet was able to carry and give birth to 8 children. Why would you even decide to get pregnant with a debillitating back injury? If you rely on food stamps to feed your 6 children, how is it that you can afford assisted fertility? I currently know a great friend who is taking on IVF, to the tune of about $9,000 for ONE CYCLE.

You know the story, I won't rehash every point.

Then the other side of this story. These 14 children. The 6 older ones who have to go to school everyday now that their lives have been thrown into the media and their mother is viewed as a beast. What about them? What about these 8 babies laying in a hospital room who will have to grow up with the anger and frustration just their very existence has created in this country? What about the state, who is going to have to eat millions of dollars for their immediate medical care, never mind lifelong care for issues coming from the fact that they were just born too soon.

It's very sad is what it is.

Moving on:

So, I'm not never sure if I mentioned this here before but I'm back in college. So far so good. I'm taking the medical assistant program which in this area will get me further than nursing anyway, since Marshfield clinic is taking over the world and hires MA's in their clinics. I graduate next summer.

Still working of course. More than usual lately since a coworker has been out sick for a few weeks.

Just finished the living room makeover, no pictures yet. We put in laminate flooring and painted the walls a color called "spiced rum" with white trim. It looks quite beautiful.

Gotta get some school work done on my only day off here before I take Nate and Chris to their yearly check up so that's all folks.


PBandJ said...

I think big families are great; my parents had five kids and we struggled, but it was wonderful. 14 kids is crazy. The woman asked for a few million dollars to help raise her kids. I think if you cannot afford to have 14 kids, then you should not have 14 kids. I think it would be hard to choose between keeping them all and "selecting" only a few embryos, but I think it is downright cruel to make those kids suffer for the rest of their lives with medical conditions from prematurity. People can be very selfish and do not think through what they will be putting these new humans through just because they wanted a few more kids.

PBandJ said...

Oh yes, and CONGRATS on going back to college! I would love to go back... maybe someday.

tropicalg77 said...

I dont really have anything to say about this story, cause I just don't.

Only thing I think she should not be judged on is, her physical state.

I have a torn and bulging disc in my back , and not matter how bad it kills me during pregnancy, I would still do it to bring a beautiful living being in to the world. Having a bad back doesnt make me a bad parent. I think it makes me a little

Even if I don't have the same beliefs as this woman or of big families in general. I just can't judge someone, for things I don't know anything about.

The Lord can judge her. Takes a load off my shoulders!

Love ya!