Saturday, February 28, 2009

So we got mom moved to our house fairly easily with the wheelchair method. She's been doing well since we've been talking a lot about her injury and that her knee joint is stable, she can bear weight on it and it will hold her up. Learning that seems to have made a lot of difference because she's less fearful and has been moving around pretty well the past few days. She's going back home today and I think she'll do fine! She's been such a trooper dealing with being parked on my couch and not in the comfort of her own home. She goes to the doctor on Thursday and we'll see what he says about her recovery.

Craig got his referral to the spine doctor. He can't get in until the end of March! I told him to call his pcp and see if they can fenagle him a sooner appointment because that's a long time to be in such pain all the time. It seems to be getting worse in a hurry, the poor guy is barely moving anymore.

Otherwise things are going well. I'm getting in the groove of school and I start Pharmacology and pathophysiology on Wednesday for this 8 week term. Blech!

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