Sunday, August 19, 2007

100 things about me

Oh hell, I haven't yet done one of these so I guess I'll do it. Let's see how many I get done before N wakes up.

1. I'm 31 years old
2. I have the best husband on the planet
3. Our 10 year anniversary is next month
4. No one thought we'd last a year
5. We got married 9 months and 3 days after we first met
6. Our first child together was born 4 months later
7. We have 8 kids between us
8. 2 are mine, 1 is his, and 5 are ours
9. Only 7 of them are living
10. 1 of them lives in ND with his maternal grandparents
11. We wish he could live here, but that will never be possible
12. Our living children range from age 16 to 7 months
13. I had my first child at 17
14. His sister came along not quite 2 years later
15. I don't know my father
16. I have 3 sisters and 2 brothers
17. I only claim 1 of each
18. My baby brother got married this year
19. In January he had no kids.... in October he'll have a third
20. His wife had a daughter before they met, his ex had his baby in May, thiers is due in Oct
21. He's so cute driving a mini van
22. 21 done? that's all?!
23. Despite having 6 kids and being a Doula.... I have little patience
24. Yet I am a procrastinator
25. I start projects all the time and never finish them
26. Right now I need to make C some chef's pants
27. I was raised by a single mother, on welfare
28. It wasn't a bad childhood.
29. My mom was always there
30. When I was 12 she moved us with nothing but our clothes to another city
31. And worked full time
32. I had to be mom to my brother (2) and my sister (8)
33. I resented my mom for that for many years
34. I don't anymore
35. That experience though paved the way for many of my beliefs now
36. I will probably breastfeed N til he's 2 or 3
37. Definitely not in high school
38. I love having 6 kids
39. It's not as stressfull as you'd think
40. I don't love having to drive a huge vehicle
41. I currently drive a suburban
42. I can't park it
43. I would love to have more kids
44. if my health improves
45. I'd adore twins
46. Maybe
47. My mom was a twin
48. Her sister died at birth
49. My mother had 7 living siblings
50. My grandfather worked for Al Capone
51. I am related to the late Mother Theresa
52. My grandfather died when my mother was only 9
53. My grandmother died when she was 19
54. My uncle died when she was 29
55. My Aunt Mary broke the "10 year curse" by refusing to die when my mother was 39
56. She has smoked like a chimney for 50 years
57. She's the healthiest person I know
58. Aside from her, I don't like my extended family
59. They are snobs
60. I've been called a snob
61. In some ways, they are right
62. I didn't speak as a child outside my home
63. I was that shy
64. My son has sensory integration dysfunction
65. It was caught and treated early
66. He's a "normal" 4 year old today
67. I am an organ donor
68. If my son could have used my heart, I would have cut it out myself
69. He had Tetralogy of Fallot with pulmonary atresia and absent pulmonary artery
70. big words for big problems
71. He was perfect in my eyes
72. His nurse use to call him a "bad egg"
73. That still makes me laugh
74. I found out after N was born that his name means "God's Gift"
75. He has an "angel kiss" birthmark on his nose
76. His ped said it should go away before he's a year
77. I secretly hope it doesn't. It's from his brother
78. If I had a million dolllars I would give it all away
79. Probably to stem cell research
80. I consider myself a democrat by default
81. I don't like the president
82. I don't know who i'll vote for in '08
83. It doesn't matter anyway
84. I have green eyes and red hair
85. I'm irish and polish
86. My oldest daughter is half native american
87. She is gorgeous
88. I always said her biological father would have made a pretty girl
89. He did
90. He isn't in her life
91. He's a homeless drunk
92. My oldest son is very involved with his father
93. As it shoudl be
94. I actually got through this whole thing during N's nap
95. I have had many jobs
96. A photographer, a bartender, a waitress
97. I served Cindy Crawfords family at her sisters wedding
98. I made $500 that day
99. We made $9,000 combined our first year of marriage
100. We seemed to have more money then

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