Saturday, August 25, 2007

My kid is better than yours

What is it with people feeling the need to compare children. I see/hear this constantly. A mother can't help herself; when she hears another mother excitedly talk about her baby, but chime in with her own story about how her child walked at 3 days old and was speaking full sentences at 2 months and went to princeton before most kids potty train.

Why? Why can't we accept that our children are unique individuals and they learn wonderful new things every day? Why do we feel the need to have the smartest, biggest, most astute children on the planet?

My own children are lazy. I'll admit it. My 3rd child didn't walk til he was nearly a year and half. He does it perfectly now. My daughter didn't crawl til almost a year..... they just had to implement a gifted program for her and a couple other students last year. My oldest was very quick to learn..... he now averages a D in school. Yet they all have strengths and weaknesses that make them who they are. They won't be good at everything, they will downright be awful at something, and they will excel at something else. That is perfectly fine with me.

I have more to write later, on the "baby einstein" phenomenon, but for now I must save the kittens from my 2 year old neice. I think I heard one say "help".

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