Sunday, August 12, 2007

Makes ya think!

I got this off a message board I frequent. It is Obviousely a satire on breastfeeding. I think it is wonderful...

Author unknown

I refuse to feel guilty for making an educated choice to not put mybaby in a car seat. There are so many militant car seat users in our society and I am tired of them pushing their beliefs on me. There are lots of reasons I have made this choice. First of all, I want my husband to be able to drive him around in his car. He can just sit him on his lap when they go for a ride. This will help him bond and be closer with our son. I don't want to be the only one that drives him around. It makes my husband, mother and friends feel special when they can take him for rides. I will be returning to work in 6 weeks and I don't want a big old car seat in the back of our luxury car.

I never put my first son in a car seat and he is just fine. I was never in a carseat, neither was my mother and we are both as healthy as can be. On the otherhand, my sister in law's cousin used a car seat and her child was seriously injured in a car wreck. My aunt tried to use a car seat and wasn't able to. She was never able to latch the baby in the seat properly. In fact, my car is too small for a car seat anyway. What matters most is that my baby is healthy and happy. When I left the hospital, they told me that I should try to use the carseat, but if it didn't work out that it was all right to not use it. Infact, in the diaper bag that I received from the hospital, it has some information for how to safely ride in the car with my son without a carseat. I tried for 1 week to use a car seat with my first son and it made both of us miserable. I told my pediatrician about it, and he said it would probably be best to not use a car seat anymore. Now he is happy and content sitting on my lap as we drive. Using a car seat is just so inconvenient!

My privacy is also an issue. Do I want everyone to know when they see my car that I have a child??? Besides, my children need to learn how to ride in the car without being in the car seat. I don't want a 3 year old still wanting to get in his seat! I know that using a car seat has some benefits, but there are a lot of people out there who don't use them and their kids are just fine! There are people out there that cannot use a car seat (can't latch baby in properly, car is too small, doesn't match with the interior).

Using a car seat is a personal choice and nobody's business. As aparent I have made the decision for what is best for my child. It works bestfor us and our child.....and that is all that is important. It's my choiceafter all, isn't it??

If you happen to know WHO the author of this is, I would like to give her credit. Leave a comment!


Misty said...

Oh I like that. What message board do you go to? I'd love to go take a look:)

Cara said...

I ALWAYS use my carseats! ;)

Angie said...

Ahh Kat this is cute! I have to say, At SH I never felt like I was being discouraged from breastfeeding, but ive heard more and more women who didnt have the resources to learn about breastfeeding at the hospitals where they gave birth. Too many hospitals are giving out cute little diaper bags full of is horrible!! Although I no longer use my car seats I still think this story proves a good point..women need more education when they are in the hospital...

Vicbic said...

Personally, I think the analogy is completely inaccurate.

Not using a car seat can kill or at least cause severe injury.

Not breastfeeding, does not.

Perhaps I'm having a sense of humour failure today though... sorry ;)

Kat said...

Just a reminder to read the first line of the post. I have gotten quite a few emails from people APALLED that I would post something on my blog about not using carseats. If you read it right, this isn't about carseats at all, it's about BREASTFEEDING.

Also, to the commenter who said that the analogy is completely innacurate...... I'm sure you realize that breastmilk contains antibodies that protect the infant/toddler from a wide host of illnesses. So it is my opinion based on the studies I've seen, that breastfeeding DOES save lives.