Saturday, February 23, 2008

Give them the tools and they will learn!

There is a lesson in everything. The trick is to let the lessons come from their ideas and give them the tools.

Making cookies. Who knew you could learn so much about math and science! But don't make cookies because there's a lesson, make cookies because cookies are yummy!

And Jacksen wanted to check the temperature on the roast (nevermind mommies messy hair)

And today they found daddies tape measure and figured out that our table is 54x54 . No prompting involved just a natural curiosity supplied with the tools they needed.

It is completely amazing to me how much children want to learn and how interested they are in the world around them.

And instead of trying to get all the vacation photos into one post (which obviousely I don't have time for or it would have been done by now) I'm going to throw in a pic with future posts

Here's NAte in the hotel sink being totally vain. If you want something to lecture me about you can take notice of his hand on the hot water handle..... oops. We noticed it before anything happened thank goodness. BAD PARENTS!


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