Friday, February 29, 2008

It's beginning to feel a lot like FLU SEASON

Despite all my efforts, dragging 8 people into the clinic for flu shots in November to force them to allow a nurse to stick a needle in their arms......... it found us.

Let me stop here and say that the flu, aka Influenza is NOT what you have when you have your head in the toilet or what you have when you are poopin for 2 days. THAT, my friends, is called GASTROENTERITIS......... I don't know how that ever got called the flu, but it seems the misinformed are everywhere. The flu, or Influenza is what you get when you feel like you've been hit by a bread truck at 40 mph. Your head hurts, your entire body feels like every bone in it might snap, you produce more snot than you would have thought humanly possible, you cough until a small rabbit appears from your lungs and you spike an ungodly high fever for days on end.

Now that we know what the flu is and isn't...

First Nate. It always seems to catch the little ones first, doesn't it? Last Saturday he started with the snot nose, then the slight cough...... on Monday night the fever hit and today he has a doctor appt at 1:30 because he's coughing his little brains out. I started on Tuesday night. Everyone else has niggly little symptoms that tell me this weekend is going to be a loooong one.

Last night, in MN another child died from the flu. a 12 year old girl. Scary stuff that puts me into panic mode and inhibits what drug induced sleep I might be able to accomplish, if I could just turn my head the perfect way so that I can breathe out of at least one nostril.

On top of that Hailey will be joining Nathan at the doctor's office. Not because of the flu, but because a couple weeks ago she hurt her ankle. It seemed to heal up and yesterday during phys ed it started hurting bad again and the teacher made her run anyway, so now she can't even walk on it. Joy.

And, I get to drive Austin to his grandparents this afternoon. That should be fun. At least we didn't have screaming banshee to watch today, her dad stayed home from work. WHEW

What was I typing again.......... I don't even know. Back to bed for an hour for me!

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