Saturday, February 16, 2008

Living on a prayer

Yes, I'm still planning that vacation photo post. I hate dealing with pictures online. Speaking of pictures, it appears that my new Kodak 5100 all in one printer (you know, the one featured on celebrity apprentice to save you money in ink?) yeah, well it apparently has a bad print head now. It worked just fine the first time I used it, printed 160 pictures perfectly. Now it just spits the paper out atme. After 40 minutes on hold with Kodak I got to talk to a very nice (English speaking even!) gentleman who determined after making me fuss with parts of a printer I've never seen, that the print head is bad. They are sending me a new one and 4 new ink cartridges. Here's hoping it breaks down every month!

Did anyone watch Dr Phil yesterday? I admit, I'm painfully addicted. Maybe it wasn't the one that aired yesterday, I forget since I DVR everything I don't always watch it the same day it airs *shrug*. Anyway...

The name of the show was "Living on a prayer" and featured a couple with 7 kids. The husband had once had a multi million dollar business which went under in 2002. Since that time he's been struggling to find his place as far as employement and has tried a few businesses that didn't take off. He and his wife beleive that God is directing them. The family currently lives without gas or running water (they heat with a fireplace and catch rainwater in a large pool) and are on the verge of losing their home.

Watching this show I was completely torn. On the one hand I can so totally relate to them. Living life by what you feel God is telling you to do. Are they neglecting their children because they don't have worldly luxuries? Definitely not. I mean people lived a very long time without gas heat and running water. Just because those things are available to us now does that mean that to not use them is neglectful? I'm not so sure. It's not like he was denying them warmth and water, just getting them in ways that aren't the "norm" for our society. Is that really that deplorable?

The children, from the short clips they showed seemed extremely happy and healthy. Heck, they were jumping on not one, but TWO trampolines in the back yard. Dr Phil was telling the couple that he's lived in that kind of environment and he knows for a fact those kids aren't happy...

The faith they have is definitely inspiring. They had a pastor on there and Dr Phil himself was telling the guy that he is interpreting the bible wrong and blah blah blah, well I think that the words of the bible mean different things for different people so that bugged me.

Then he asked THE question.......... "Why do you keep having kids?" I was about to hit stop and delete rather than listen to Dr Phil blame 7 kids on that families problems but thankfully the question got redirected and seemingly forgotten about. WHEW!

I don't know. If you felt God were very clearly directing you in a path that the rest of society might not choose would you follow him or turn away? I guess that is the question. Whether or not the couple was hearing what God was saying correctly, you have to commend their faith.

I hope things work out for them and they find what they are looking for. I really do.

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