Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I don't wanna grow up, I'm a toys R us kid

So, I've gotten a little "into" this thing called the PS3. Normally I'm not a fan of modern day video games, they confuse me and make my head hurt. I am more of a Tetris kinda gal but I've been buying a few games for Craig's new machine and some of them are darn fun!

Right now I'm liking
Jackass: The Game and Call of Duty 4. The only downfall to Call of Duty 4 is it's so realistic if I play it too late at night I find myself having nightmares that usually revolve around my sisters prisoners escaping and coming after me with automatic weapons, I try to play in the daylight hours.

I haven't been able to do much else anyway since last Wednesday I stepped on the plug to the humidifier impaling my foot on the prongs, I'll spare you the gruesome picture. Almost a week of tea tree oil though and she's looking good! Almost like I didn't need stitches! (which I didn't get cause I didn't feel like going to the ER)

The weather has been rather nice here lately. By that I mean hovering right around freezing instead of in the negative double digits like we've spent most of this winter. I am really anticipating Spring so I can get out with my camera and go hog wild!

I think I mentioned a week or so ago that I was having some trouble with my new
Kodak 5100 all in one printer. Sorry if any of this is a repeat.

So a few weeks ago, right around the time I got my new Nikon D40 camera I also purchased this printer after seeing it on Celebrity Apprentice. The claim that it saves a ton of money on ink really sucked me in and I needed a newer photo printer anyway so I figured I'd jump on it despite some not-the-greatest online reviews. I got it home and printed about 100 pictures quickly and using probably 1/4 the ink I normally would have (ink is only $22 for BOTH black and color as well with this printer!). A couple weeks later I went to print some more pictures and it kept spitting the blank sheets out at me....... WHAT?!

So I called Kodak customer support and after waiting on hold for 40 minutes (on SATURDAY even) spoke with a nice gentleman who came to the conclusion my print head was bad, he'd send me a new one and a couple free ink cartridges. It should take 2-3 business days. GREAT!

6 days later having still not received my Fed Ex package, and worrying that I may have missed the delivery man I called Kodak back, this time only waiting on hold for 10 minutes or so. I spoke with a woman who spoke good enough english for me to understand most of what she was saying, but not all. She punches in my service number and name and a million other bits of info and can't find the order for the replacement in the computer! She assures me she will replace the order and have it rushed. Grand....

Yesterday I finally get the anticipated package from Fed Ex. I open it and install the new print head and new cartridges as instructed, fire up the printer and.......... It spits all my paper out. WHAT THE FRICK!

More than a little miffed I get BACK on the phone with Kodak. This time thankfully I don't have to wait on hold at all which was actually too bad since I had Taco's for lunch and right about the time the foreign man said hello my gallbladderless digestive system decided it was time to dump the contents of my lunch......... Yes, you needed to know that for any of this to make sense, I assure you. Ok maybe not but I felt like sharing the most intimate details of my life with you anyway.

Foreign Kodak man: Hello I have your first last name and address?

Me: Kat (ok there's more than that but as comfortable as I am sharing my bowel habits, i'm certainly not giving strangers over the internet my identifying information)

Foreign Kodak man: Ok what is problem you having?

Me: *grumbling tummy* I have a Kodak 5100 and it spits the paper out and they said it was the print head but I got the new printhead and it's still doing it........

I begin feeling the urge to do lamaze breathing as the pain in my gut is about to kill me. I KNOW I'm not going to be able to finish this conversation without some serious laundry issues later if I don't do something now. I run over to Craig, practically throwing the phone at him and bolt downstairs the the coveted bathroom.

I return (feeling much better thanks) and he tells the poor foreign kodak man that i will be returning to the call.

Foreign kodak man: Hell, I telling you husband to go to website. You at website?

Me: Yes

Foreign Kodak man: You see it says "downloads"? In dropdown menu choose your printer.

Me: Ok, I did that. Do I then click the "download now"? button?

Foreign Kodak man: No, you need second one, not first one, second one

Me: Ok, the first one is download Software, second is download FIRMware, I want firmware right?

Foreign Kodak man: Yes, not first one, SECOND one.....NOT FIRST ONE!!!

Sheesh, yell at me why don't you.....

Ok, clicking the second one, suppressing the urge to ask him again if it's the first or second one simply for my own amusement.

Foreign kodak man: Why I hear printer running?

Me: Well, I don't know what it's doing

Foreign kodak man: Printer needs to stop running

So I jumble around figuring out that the stupid thing is still trying to print the photo in the qeue (how the hell do you spell that word?) The problem is I can't make it stop, it won't cancel. So I figure the next best way to make the printer stop running is to turn it off right? Yeah, it won't turn off. So, I do what anyone would do, I unplug it and download resumes. After what seems like forever, it's done. I'm wondering how these kodak people don't lose their minds if someone has a dial up connection......... then again if they did, being on the phone would be a bit tricky anyway, no? Never mind.

So I tell him it's finished.

Foreign kodak man: Is printer connected to computer?

I assure him it is, I'm not THAT stupid... He instructs me to print and nothing happens.

Me: Nothing is happening. (Oh wait, I didn't plug it in! HA!)

I plug it in hoping he won't notice.

voila! PROBLEM SOLVED. 10 days, over an hour on the phone, and wanting to throw the thing out the window later all I needed was a stupid download. Oh well, I am keeping their print head AND the ink cartridges for my trouble. Watch me get a bill.

Lesson: Always ask if there's a download (and plug it in)

A couple vacation pictures for your viewing pleasure.



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