Sunday, May 27, 2007

Fishy prozac

So My brother got married on Thursday to his ever so sweet fiance (well duh kat, i should hope he married his fiance..........) anyway...

My sister and I got to thier house first after the ceremony to start cooking for the dinner later on. My daughter walks up to me and says:

Mom- somethings wrong with Allen's fish

My sister and I look over and here the fish has it's head buried in the rocks at the bottom

I whispered to my sister

I think thier fish commited suicide.......

We decided to just ignore it until they got there. When they arrived we told them that thier fish had commited fishy suicide and maybe they should do something about it. My brother said that his wife had just killed thier other fish yesterday. He went to take the fish tank outside and came back in after a few seconds......... the fish was alive! Thank goodness my brother knows fishy cpr! It's a miracle!

The fish just stayed there on the bottom like that, barely moving so we decided that maybe the fish was depressed, do they make fishy prozac? He tried to feed it and it let the flakes fall on him but didn't eat them. Classic sign of depression, Poor fish.

I told them that it was my belief that the fish was not in fact depressed, but that it was dying and offered ways to help.

Should we flush it? no, my sister said that was much too slow of a death
Grab it by the tail and whack it on the counter? No, who wants to brutally murder a fish?
Put a little bleach in the tank? It was at that point they ceased all communication with me regarding the fish. I have lost my place in the "need to know fish circle"...... *sigh*

I wonder how mr fish is doing today........ did he go and meet his fishy maker? Was he mourning the loss of his friend? If anyone knows that status on the well being of the fish let me know!

Here is a cute couple of pics from the wedding day. The first is my husband carrying our 4 month old Nathan in the moby wrap.

And a little while later my neice Madilyn (left) and her friend imitating him!

BTW, congrats Allen and Rissa!!!!


Jenny said...

Those pictures cracked me up!

PS. I'll mail you a xanax that you can throw in the tank. Xanax makes everyone feel better.

Kat said...

Update.... Fishy apparently WAS depressed. They got a new fish and he perked right up! Who knew fish had such deep emotion!