Saturday, May 26, 2007

The news story, breastfeeding in public

The tv crew came and the story aired last night. I think they did a great job with it, it was non-confrontational but told the story well. Here is the link, click the headline next to the little red video camera icon to see the story as it aired. I am happy with my decision to go public with this, I had my concerns but I think (hope) they were unfounded. I am happy that the hospital is using this as an opportunity to educate and although thier account of the even is a little off, that's insignificant.

Moving on. I have to say that the attention this blog has gotten is pretty impressive. People are talking about it and thinking about thier lives and decisions so the point of my writing is working. I'm not entirely sure why a reader felt the need to bring the loss of my son into it, but I realize that when you speak your mind and people are insecure they will do whatever they can to try to make you feel as badly as they feel about themselves. I'm not bothered. This blog is as much a learning experience for me as anything. I'm always eager to hear other points of view!

Thank to to all people who commented, I welcome them good and bad! The support the past few days has been impressive and greatly appreciated. I hope that the news story served us nursing momma's proud!


Trista said...

Back from my trip, i cant see the feed what do I do? I mean I know I have a concussion but I did lose all my brains!!

Certified said...

Yeah Kat!! Way to speak up for women!! Have I told you lately you are TOTALLY awesome!!

rValley said...

I am Rachel Valley a photographer in California. You may have seen on the Motherwear blog that I am putting together a solo breastfeeding exhibition to open in August. I am working on getting airline miles donated so I may visit the women that have been spotlighted for breastfeeding "indecency". I would love to tell your story in a photograph and feature your story in this breastfeeding series....Please contact me anytime to chat.

Rachel Valley

Mother Culture Exhibition Page

Anonymous said...

You go girl! Gosh, this stuff really irks me! I'm fuming mad after reading this. First the airplane incident and now this! How many others have been affected and not had the courage to stand up! They must have breast phobia or some weird disease! I'm really happy that you went public. REALLY happy. I am a mother of a toddler and we continue to breastfeed. I'll stop when she's okay with stopping. I get a lot of pressure from my mother (who didn't bf me) and I just tell her to live with it because there aren't any 10 year olds out there breastfeeding. Good for you Kat...Good for you!